The Wise Bimbo

 Why is the stereotypical bimbo so condemned. If a man wants a woman that is only a sex object, & a woman wants a man who only wants her as a sex object, then who are we to say they are wrong & to condemn either one of them. It's their prerogative. But one of the reasons that type of relationship is frowned upon, is because we all recognize that there are more important relational elements in a marriage. But in our pursuit of what we consider more important elements (mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.) is it possible that we have seriously undermined the reality of the physical?
Most people recognize that men are more visual and have more physically oriented needs, is that wrong? We say not. It's an undeniable component of God's given characteristic of man. But because we know that emotional satisfaction is ultimately more valuable than physical fulfillment, much of society seems to have undermined the reality that is the simple fulfillment a man gets from physically visual and sexual satisfaction.
And women should understand, because they are not solely emotional beings, they also have a physical desire and appreciation for physically visual and sexual satisfaction. My wife says its often even more! So those who deny this element have likely just suppressed the truth because of some presupposition, false teaching, or given into selfish, or fleshly, justifications.
Cindi Lauper wrote the song, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, and that too is a significant reality to being a proper feminine woman. Simply enjoying the process of cultivating and basking in utter femininity and being taken and shown a good time with a masculine man who takes charge and allows her to sit back and enjoy the ride.
The stereotypical bimbo is not likely as close to being unfulfilled as some suspect, nor is the considerate masculine man who is happy with her. These are absolutely major aspects of a completely satisfying relationship and, dare I say, paramount!
Here is societies current general presupposition: A relationship that's fully satisfactory emotionally without physical satisfaction is perfectly acceptable, while a relationship that's fully satisfactory physically without emotional satisfaction is totally unacceptable. But that is a misnomer really. Physical satisfaction to the total neglect of the emotional is really only found in prostitution. Physical intimacy goes hand in hand with emotional intimacy, though granted, much more so for women.
Part of the problem these days is that women don't want to endure the perceived burden of a large load of dependence on a man. So they make up their mind to be tough and to forgo all of that and become self-sufficient. It's easier in some ways and the flesh likes the path of least resistance. But the problem is that basic fleshly instincts don't understand deep consequences.
And so, too, the man follows his flesh in accepting that the woman doesn't want to depend on him for all these different things, because, frankly, he doesn't really want to have to deal with it. And once again, the flesh leads into an unwise compromise that robs true fulfillment in many different ways.
We pigeon-hole ourselves when we follow our carnal nature too far and it creates a hole that we either dig ourselves out of or live in for the rest of our lives.
Too many people get into marriage and take the presupposition that since you've already been “bad,” and since it's time to settle down & be “good,” then that means that intimacy also settles down as spontaneity and the “need” to uphold mutual attraction decreases. And the practicality of life, having a family, & also the flesh, then compartmentalizes having sex to one bedroom, at night, on the weekend, when the kids are gone, only after extensive planning.
Spontaneity dies a slow death, and with it passion. Passion is spontaneous as desire is alive and well, but complacency snuffs out the fire of desire for intimacy and excitement in sexual interaction.
 Passion is Spontaneous.
Spontaneity is not engineered. When you plan spontaneity it doesn't really work. Same goes for passion, in general.
Run the race to win. Don't walk the race to be nice, safe, & practical.
Especially with Christians, the idea of being a “good girl” is kept to an extreme of conservative sex life that leaves doors open to unfulfilled desire, which breeds unfulfillment & brings temptations.
As I wrote in my book, Straight Street, one of the devil's favorite things is to break up a marriage, especially a Christian marriage. We are all in a war against the powers and principalities of the devil, and therefore, we are waging war for the Kingdom when we fight to maintain God's proper parameters in a marriage and in the marriage bed. Sexual passion and satisfaction is inspiring and radiates inspiration into all other areas of our lives.

 The Bimbo Proper
A wise bimbo is a physical health specialist, and she needs to be disciplined like one. You must work with your body and your will to use self control with what you eat. You must take the time to shave and clean and maintain long hair (1st Corinthians 11:15 – ...if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her.) and the like. You must endure less than perfectly comfortable clothing and living on your sexual toes at all times. But the reward of being sexy and being treated as such by your husband will be one of the most fulfilling aspects of your life. Don't just give up on it all and think that as long as the husband can satisfy his appetite with you on a rare occasion that that is marital fulfillment, you know better.
You have to be attraction-oriented in your mindset 24/7. Letting your guard down because you now live together full-time only means that both sides will lose levels of attraction and the fire will diminish. You can't expect your spouse to find you attractive enough to have wild sex on your scheduled date night after a week of belching and farting and living in baggy flannel sweats all week letting yourself go and acting like your out camping with your siblings.
Sure, there's a time and place for being casual and relaxing at home, but that doesn't mean you can't still keep on your toes regarding your behaviors, actions, and physical appearance. Remember what you did back when you were dating, you would have died if your spouse caught you being a slob at home. Now that you live together, it just means that you have to work hard all the time to keep from letting your spouse's attraction level drop.

 Embrace your inner bimbo!
Notice that adultery doesn't usually happen with the homebody piglet type.
 Kill the Pig.
Resist the flesh, don't be the pig that you are. Don't embrace your inner pig. Don't justify your inner pig. That's the flesh, kill that pig – for life! It's everyday you kill the flesh & run the race to win.
You're not just trying to be sexy for an hour on a Saturday night, it's a lifestyle: morning, noon, and night. And that goes for more than just appearance, it transcends in attitude and interaction: that positive polarity between a masculine man and a feminine woman. The exercising of sense of humor and the intellectual and emotional push/pull between you and your lover.

 Men: Take Your Balls Back
In this day and age, it is most likely that the general situation of the average marriage is one where masculine/feminine roles are way out of proportion. In fact, it is highly probable that the inappropriate authority that the husband has granted the wife is going to take drastic measures to reclaim. Never underestimate the depths of rebellion in the human heart.
Have you ever watched the Dog Whisperer? Caesar Milan really has the roles and authority of the dog and the dog owner dialed in. The dog that has been given the freedom of a human is outside of his role and responsibility. And when that dog gets used to his misguided authority, he becomes attached to it and will fight to keep it. So, Caesar's job is to show the dog owner how to fight properly in order to regain his rightful authority while putting the dog back in his place, where he can actually flourish because dogs are meant to be dogs, not humans.
It's the same thing with the husband and wife. In the natural, fleshly world and culture of this day and age, wives often strive for the authority of the husband, while the husband doesn't strive to fight to keep his authority especially when it simultaneously is denying his wife what she thinks, and insists, will make her happy. This creates a lot of conflict. But when the wife is given the authority of a husband and the husband swaps roles with the wife, then things are out of God's intended balance and the relationship will suffer. And when the wife has become used to having the husband's power, it is a very difficult process to right the role reversal and the proper dynamic between husband and wife is lost.
When dog's act out in rebellion to your attempt at authority, they will challenge you by trying to fight. And to regain your authority, you are forced to enter into that fight and ideally your goal is to get the dog onto it's back and hold him in a position where he cannot bite or get up or do anything about it until he submits to your authority. After a momentary struggle, you will find that the dog will soon resign into a calm submission that is instinctive. This process may need to run its course a number of times until the dog is able to instinctively recognize and embrace its role as the submissive and subordinate dog to the human “pack leader.”
And so what happens in the out-of-whack marriage relationship is fairly comparable. When the man reaches deep into his wife's purse to take his balls back, the wife's instinct is going to immediately fight for what she believes is her property. Fortunately she will not come after you baring teeth to bite you, not yet anyway. And this is where the fight begins that the husband must be willing to not only endure, but to see it out to utter completion.
Most married couples know very well what it's like to fight; but, most women are much more willing to handle a relational fight than the men. They are stronger emotionally and able to handle emotional confrontation better. But since men are the naturally born physical fighters, it's time to embrace that aspect of your manhood & set aside the sensitive emotional feminine nature you've been taught through lost culture, Hollywood, your heritage, and even your wife since you've allowed it and likely encouraged it. (Proverbs 31:3 – Do not give your strength to a woman.)
The man's primary fulfillment being physical, means that it's no less important than the emotional is for the woman. So, when the wife follows the flesh in shirking her duty to be physically fulfilling to the husband (visually, sexually & constantly), which should come out of love for him, then it is time for disciplinary measures. Now, often, the woman is simply responding naturally to a man who no longer satisfies her emotionally and stops maintaining the necessary elements of a proper relationship to encourage the wife's desire to be fulfilling physically, but it is not uncommon for women to follow their own fleshly nature that wants to just do whatever she wants apart from an obligation to her husband in these sexual ways. (1st Corinthians 7:3 – The husband must fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband.)
The primary physical fulfillment for the man being sexual, combined with the wife's biblical submission and obligation to that arena, means that when the husband want's sexual fulfillment, then that's what time it is. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Of course, there are always going to be reasons why the timing may not work, but those are only in extreme cases that can not be avoided. Those reasons are beyond the wife's personal choice, not just because she wants to be in control of that interaction. This means that if the wife chooses to be obstinate to her duties as a wife, then she will need to face the consequences of that choice & action. This consequence needs to be one of the husband taking his rightful authority given by God, and enforcing his wife into the submission that God commands.
It is unfortunate that we are not all that far off from the animal kingdom, but often times simple physical forcing of authority is required, even among our closest loved ones. Just as we enforce submission to our children, the wife's role is one of submission to her husband (Ephesians 5:22 – Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to Yehovah). Of course, the husband is called to love his wife and to be considerate of her giving her honor (1st Peter 3:7), but the roles are not of an equal level of authority. Even Jesus Christ is subordinate to Yehovah God the Father, and it's perfectly okay to embrace these level's of authority for God has ordained them so.
So, when the time comes that the husband finds no reason why he shouldn't have relations with his wife, and she wants to rebel against that right, then it is time to simply rape the wife. Even the government's legal laws do not apply the term “rape” to married couples, so here the verb is simply an appropriate term to convey the severe necessity that is taking by force the sexual intercourse of an unwilling proponent. This is a husbands right and duty. Husbands, you must take your balls back and rape your wife.

 Raping Your Wife Extreme Disciplinary Measures
Now, in this day and age, there are many biological women who have cultivated masculinity to the point that they are no longer feminine at all. This is part of a serious reform that may be needed in your marriage. Has your wife long since cut her beautiful long hair, stopped really giving any effort to doing feminine things and wearing proper female clothing? Have you enabled her to stop doing the things a woman likes to do, like shop for feminine things, and encouraged her to pick up on your habits like watching the game and wrestling like a pig in the mud? This situation is far too common today. The person with the vagina looks and acts basically just like the person with a penis. This is not good. So, if the wife has essentially become a full fledged Wooky, more consequences than a simple rape may be called for.
*Note: in order to engage in these extreme disciplinary measures, the man has to have his full masculine authority back, because these issues don't arise without the leader allowing them by relinquishing his authority. And only if proper femininity hasn't arisen in the wife over regaining proper husbandly masculinity, then may you proceed.
In this case, while the wife is tied up in bed, she should be forced to endure some womanly practices that will revive her inner femininity. Of course, you would first want to shave her up proper. Then put some make up and lipstick on (be careful though, we do not condone make up in general, especially in public, but this is a compensation tactic to help push things in the right direction at an instinctual level – in this case, to revive lost femininity), paint nails with bright colors, dress her in sexy leggings and lacy suits. Spray her with girly sprays, and even put on her a wig with long flowing hair. Then be sure to rape her as a real woman. Be sure to express your desires and satisfactions with her femininity and be sure to make her orgasm so that her pleasure will be psychologically associated with the transformation. She will be reinvigorated as a real woman, and the husband will be reinvigorated as a real man.
Perhaps while she's tied up with time to kill, you could play movies with real women that will help her remember what she is, and should want, deep down inside. Or play womanly music or audiobooks to get her on the right track, etc. Now, if she is stubbornly rebelling against the training (which is to be expected, of course you probably have no one to blame but yourself), then you may need to play some repetitive audio with sayings like: “I am a woman, I am feminine, I embrace my womanhood, I strive to be attractive and to fulfill my husband's physical desires, it is my role and purpose to satisfy my husband physically, I live for his perfect physical pleasure!” Etc.
Now, for a most extremely difficult situation that is not uncommon in this day and age. For the husband who's wife is physically bigger and stronger than he is, more drastic measures will be needed in order to force a functional submission.
First, you will have to be sure you have strong enough bonds to keep your manly Wooky wife bound. (And don't forget that if there are demons present, her strength will be multiplied – in which proper biblical deliverance should be sought). Then, the answer is relatively simple. You will need to either use a stun gun, a taser, or a tranquilizer gun of proper caliber.
When it's time for the rape discipline, you'll have to render your wife defenseless with the appropriate tool of choice. Ultimately the stun gun is going to be best, but you won't be able to have it taken from your physically superior wife or else all will backfire drastically! The taser will work well also, and it actually may help your wife's muscles to stiffen in order to get her up on a dolly to quickly wheel her into the bedroom. Otherwise, you may need a sturdy wheelbarrow or some form of come-along system to help you get her into the submission basket. If your wife's size presents a more difficult transport process, then the tranquilizer gun will be the best option. This will give you time to employ some help or work out the transport in whatever way is needed. If your wife will be too much for you to get up stairs by yourself, you'll want to establish a room on the ground floor in order to save yourself some pain.
If you're dealing with the huge wife scenario, you will want to incorporate enforced fasting into the disciplinary process, as well as generally enforced dietary measures. We recommend starting the fasting at 24 hours only. And, if this particular issue persists, then utilize 24 hour fasting on a regular basis (like once a week) for at least three months, before increasing to 36-48 hour fasts. If you are in the most extreme of situations in this regard, you will have to push for regular 3-day fasts after a year or so of incremental increase. And ultimately, fruits and vegetables and certain low calorie foods will be the standard.
Also, you must limit her time physically working out because the carnal woman likes to throw her weight around and tends to think that strength and muscle is the same thing as being thin and feminine with natural curves. The excessive working out also perpetuates the over eating/muscle building tendencies.
Now let's take a moment to look at my research from the long historical medical practice of inducing orgasm to women who were often labeled in the old vernacular as “hysterical.” The practice wasn't dropped from diagnostic manuals until 1957. The following is an article by Lisa Wade called, Why Did Doctors Stop Giving Women Orgasms? originally posted in Sociological Images.
1653, Pieter van Foreest, called Alemarianus Petrus Forestus, published a medical compendium titled Observationem et Curationem Medicinalium ac Chirurgicarum Opera Omnia, with a chapter on the diseases of women. For the affliction commonly called hysteria, known in his volume as praefocatio matricis, the physician advised as follows:
When these symptoms indicate, we think it necessary to ask a midwife to assist, so that she can massage the genitalia with one finger inside, using oil of lilies, musk root, crocus, or [something] similar. And in this way the afflicted woman can be aroused to the paroxysm. This kind of stimulation with the finger is recommended by Galen and Avicenna, among others, most especially for widows, those who live chaste lives, and female religious, as Gradus [Ferrari da Gradi] proposes; it is less often recommended for very young women, public women, or married women, for whom it is a better remedy to engage in intercourse with their spouses.  The authors listed above, and others in the history of Western medicine, describe a medical treatment for a complaint that is no longer defined as a disease but that from at the least the fourth century B.C. until the American Psychiatric Association dropped the term in 1952, was known mainly as hysteria. This purported disease and its sister ailments displayed a symptomatology consistent with the normal functioning of female sexuality, for which relief, not surprisingly, was obtained through orgasm, either through intercourse in the marriage bed or by means of massage on the physician's table. I shall place this disease paradigm in the context of androcentric definitions of sexuality, which explain both why such treatments were socially and ethically permissible for doctors and why women required them. Androcentric views of sexuality, and their implications for women and for the physicians who treated them, shaped the development not only of the concept of female sexual pathologies but also of the instruments designed to cope with them.

 The Default Position Is Wrong
“Happy wife, happy life.” What this well known saying has become is that the wife needs to be made happy at all costs (including costs that are the result of the flesh that are improper to God's designated roles) & then the man can be happy. The wife then gets used to feeling like if she's not completely satisfied then the man is not doing his job & he doesn't deserve to be happy either. This means she's not seeking his happiness & fulfillment until she feels she's been perfectly fulfilled, which rarely happens. While the husband usually continues to try to give his wife what he thinks will make her stop being such a problem in his life, while subtly letting go of his real desire to achieve success in that area of the relationship. This is not the proper mentality & role of a biblically feminine wife and masculine husband.
Men and women both need to accept that a fulfilling marriage comes at a price, just like all things. You get out what you put in. Much of life is about maintenance: maintaining your composure and morals in life, maintaining your focus and center in your masculinity or femininity depending on your sex, and then maintaining your relationship in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.
So men, practice focusing on your masculine purpose and leading your wife in a way that she will instinctively follow and enjoy. And women, train yourselves to maintain a constant perspective of femininity that will free you within your God-given nature and actually drive your husband to satisfy you emotionally, as well as intellectually, physically, and spiritually.
Now, all of this proper bimbohood, is solely intended for one narrow target: your husband. You do not get satisfaction in your reconstituted bimboality from strangers on the street. When you are out in public, your duty is to diligently hide your bimboness from all guilty until proven innocent bystanders. You are a super sex machine ready to strap on the knee pads at any moment, and the wolves of the world will smell your inner bimbo and come in for a closer sniff if you aren't extremely careful. And the more obviously bimboish you are, the more drastic the techniques you will need to employ to fly under the radar.
Get tinted windows to prevent perverts from looking in to see if your seat-belt is strapped securely in your cleavage blatantly exposing the size and shape of your succulent chest fruit. Wear full body covering like trench-coats and put your hair in a pony tail and stuff it down the inside of the jacket. Wear a hat and sunglasses and use any excuse to use an umbrella to hide even your eyes. Never underestimate the depths of perversion on the streets of the 21st century. This isn't your father's U.S.A. We're living in the end times, it's time we start acting like it. Keep your bimbohood to your self when others are around, just because the sinful world wants to normalize attire like tight pants doesn't mean it's not inappropriate.
Only you can cultivate proper health for mind, body, soul, and spirit. But Yehovah almighty is always there to help and He has designed our very DNA to respond to proper programming that lies in our God-given roles and responsibilities.
But, like all things, it takes time and effort. If you don't care enough to put forth the effort to live a passionate, alive relationship for you, your spouse and your family, then just forget what you've just read and go back to life as usual and I'm sure you will get by just as you are. Eventually we'll all die and what does it really matter anyway, right?
 Embrace the growth!

*Footnote – I was not serious about the raping of the wife. I know that argument can be made legally, but physical intimacy is meant to be mutual in an emotional bond of love and needs to flow organically. My extreme scenarios serve as memorable illustrations in remembering these significantly undermined issues.